Although proper diet and exercise play an undeniable role in maintaining good health; But some things like childbirth, severe weight gain or loss, car accidents and. Can change your body and feelings. Aging is another phenomenon that causes significant changes in the human body. Plastic and cosmetic surgery can help you minimize the side effects of the latter factors.
Having a balanced, symmetrical and balanced body has positive effects on the way you look and have self-confidence, but it can not fundamentally change your standard of living or your real personality. For me, as a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, observing the health aspects is preferable to the cosmetic aspects, and I will perform cosmetic surgery only if I am sure that there are reasonable expectations.
According to global statistics, in 2018, out of a total of 10,607,226 cosmetic surgeries performed, about 5,311,245 (50%) were related to the body.