Breast cancer reconstruction

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Breast cancer reconstruction

Breast cancer reconstruction

Breast cancer reconstruction surgery is performed after the treatments needed for breast cancer or breast malignancy. The goal of breast reconstruction surgery is to create a natural appearance in the breast that is malignant and to make it as healthy as possible. Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed up to weeks or even years after the patient’s surgery, depending on the patient’s condition.

Operation technique

Depending on the type of malignancy and its size, as well as subsequent treatments, different techniques are used to rebuild the breast. New surgical techniques allow the surgeon to reconstruct a patient that is very similar to a normal breast. In general, breast reconstruction requires several surgical steps to reconstruct the breast tissue and the nipple areola complex. Breast reconstruction surgery has no effect on recurrence and does not interfere with subsequent treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Duration of surgery

Depending on the technique used in breast reconstruction, reconstruction of one or both breasts, and the use of a patient’s natural tissue or breast prosthesis, the duration of surgery varies from 2 to 8 hours.


Breast reconstruction surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Inpatient / outpatient status

Depending on the technique of breast reconstruction surgery, one to several nights of hospitalization are required.

Possible side effects

Infection, bleeding, and pain in the surgical site are side effects of breast reconstruction surgery.


In cases of free tissue transfer, the loss and blackening of the transferred tissue due to impaired blood flow is one of the main complications. Also, in cases of tissue transfer in the form of flap (muscle flap, musclocutaneous flap, fasciaocutaneous flap), the loss and blackening of part or all of the transferred tissue is one of the main complications. In cases of using a prosthesis in breast reconstruction, moving and removing the prosthesis from the breast wound, the need for re-surgery and removal of the prosthesis is one of its complications.


With the permission of the treating physician and according to the technique used, 2 to a few days after breast reconstruction surgery, bathing is not prohibited. Your dressing will be replaced 48 hours after surgery. You will return to work within 2 weeks. Avoid strenuous exercise and physical activity for 4 weeks. Some of your stitches may need to be pulled.


Depending on the technique used, the results of breast reconstruction surgery vary from patient to patient. In general, if there is no complication and the right choice of treatment, breast reconstruction surgery will bring satisfactory results for patients.

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