Full abdominoplasty

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Complete abdominoplasty

Full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery)

Abdominoplasty is a surgical and cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the abdomen, which results from the removal of skin and the extra wrinkled layer on the surface of the abdomen. This procedure, which is also known as a tummy tuck, is the best option for people who have excess skin in their abdomen due to reasons such as weight loss, pregnancy, surgery and caesarean section, elderly people and other cases, and have an inappropriate shape and appearance. Has created for them.

Of course, this type of operation is not recommended for people who have a small stomach and have the intention of doing a tummy tuck only for the purpose of flattening, and the best option for these people is to use a proper diet, daily exercises, and otherwise, methods such as Viserlipo and Lipomatic is used

Why abdominoplasty?

In addition to creating a good and ideal appearance, having a beautiful and fit body has a positive effect on the health of the body. Also, removing the extra layers of skin on the body makes the person feel better and more youthful and fresh, and the fastest way to get rid of the extra layers of the abdomen is achieved with this procedure.

Abdominal cosmetic surgery or tummy tuck can be removed by pulling the skin of the badly shaped abdomen below the navel, or in some cases, it can cover the caesarean section scar in the abdominoplasty scar.

This method is highly recommended for people who have performed liposuction (removal of fat and tissue layer under the abdomen) to get better results.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is one of the most important cosmetic surgeries for the abdomen to remove skin layers and remove lines, which must be performed by a cosmetic surgeon with specialized knowledge and according to the patient's condition.

Who is suitable for abdominoplasty?

This procedure can be performed for both men and women, and its conditions include general health, stable weight, of course, it is better that the patient does not smoke. It is also suitable for women who have had multiple pregnancies and have loose and saggy skin, the condition of the abdomen is disproportionate to other parts of the body, and of course, people who are not constantly changing and increasing their weight.

What people should not do abdominoplasty?

This practice is not recommended for the following people.

  1. Women who intend to have children again should postpone this procedure until after the separation.
  2. If you still want to lose more weight, wait until your weight is stable.
  3. People who have a large amount of fat in their abdomen and want to do liposuction before surgery will be ineffective.

How is abdominoplasty performed?

After the consultation and visit by the best abdominoplasty surgeon and information about the conditions and process of the operation, you will be transferred to the operating room in the hospital.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and takes between 1 and 5 hours. In this operation, depending on the results you want to achieve, after the anesthetic process, an incision is made in the bikini line or the lower abdomen and all the muscle tissues are released. After the release of the skin layer or fold, it is pulled to the lower parts and the extra layers are cut and the surgeon shapes your skin and skin. After that, you will also have an incision in the navel area because this will be necessary to free the navel from the tissue around it. In this method, the navel of the patient is reconstructed and gets a new and more beautiful shape. There is a possibility that the drainage tubes will be placed under your skin and after a few days they will be removed at the discretion of the surgeon.

After the operation, the cut area is closed with stitches and bandaged.

This action is done in the following three ways

  • Complete abdominoplasty
  • Mini abdominoplasty operation
  • Peripheral abdominoplasty

Risks and possible complications of abdominoplasty

  1. Accumulation of seroma fluid under the skin (the use of drainage tubes mentioned above can help prevent this from happening)
  2. Persistence of scars and lack of full recovery in the areas along the cut, which of course can be hidden in bikini areas.
  3. Infections caused by surgery that can be resolved with timely use of antibiotics.
  4. Injuries that can damage the fat tissue deep in the skin during the procedure will cause their permanent loss.
  5. Pulmonary embolism is another complication of complete abdominoplasty.

Things you should follow before abdominal cosmetic surgery

Avoid smoking for three months before the operation. Smokers reduce blood flow to the skin and also slow down the healing process. Of course, after the operation, you should refrain from smoking for a certain period according to the doctor’s prescription.

Inform your doctor about your medication usage and generally avoid medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and supplements.

The most important thing at this time is to keep your weight constant. Try to keep your weight stable for at least 12 months. Of course, if you are overweight, the doctor advises you to lose weight or remove fat with conventional methods before the operation.

Before the operation, arrange with someone to accompany you after discharge from the hospital. This person should probably take care of you the night after the operation.


Abdominoplasty is a delicate and important procedure in order to rejuvenate the skin and remove the skin layers of the abdomen, and of course, it should not be confused with the removal of the fat tissue layer of the abdomen. This practice is suitable for various people with general healthy conditions. By removing this layer and strengthening the abdominal wall, you will benefit from a flat stomach and an ideal body. The cost of this operation varies depending on its type and the patient’s conditions and the results that are to be achieved, and regarding insurance coverage, it should be said that most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic treatments.

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