Mannequin eyebrow lift

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Mannequin eyebrow lift

Eyebrow lift surgery is used exclusively to raise the eyebrows and correct the arch and drooping of the eyebrows to create a more beautiful and youthful face. Drooping eyebrows will cause people to look depressed, old, and frowning. It also leads to a feeling of heaviness on the eyelid and impaired vision, and a person is forced to put his head and neck in an unnatural position to have better vision. By raising the eyebrows, this surgery makes the patient have a cheerful and kind face. Eyebrow lift surgery is usually performed along with upper eyelid cosmetic surgery.

Operation technique

Several methods are used for eyebrow lift surgery:
  • Classic lift
  • Endoscopic lift
  • straight lift
  • Lift through the eyelid
  • Mannequin lift (lateral approach)
  • Non-surgical lift (Botox)
Each of the above techniques can be performed based on the age of the patient, the anatomical position of the forehead, eyebrow and eyelid, and the amount of drooping of the eyebrow and eyelid. Undoubtedly, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have special training and expertise in this field. Classic lift Classic lift provides the surgeon with the possibility of easy and comfortable access to all forehead areas and the possibility of releasing adhesions and removing muscles and moving the eyebrow. Endoscopic lift Cosmetic surgeons are increasingly using the endoscopic method for brow lift surgery, which is much less invasive than other methods and yet often has favorable results. In this method, the specialist surgeon makes a series of very short incisions (about two centimeters long) just behind the hairline. Then, using a small special camera and thin instruments, he moves the muscles and lifts the underlying tissues of the forehead, removing excess fat and tissue if necessary to achieve a more natural and youthful looking brow. Lift through the eyelid In clients who have slight drooping of the outer side of the eyebrows, but the drooping of their eyelids is significant, by using this method, during the blepharoplasty surgery, the surgeon will be able to perform a brief lift of the outer side of the eyebrow through the incision of the eyelid. Direct lift لیفت مستقیم روشی موثر در بالا آوردن کناره خارجی ابرو است اما بندرت مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد. زیرا موجب اسکار عرضی در ناحیه پیشانی و ابرو می‌گردد. بهترین کاندیدهای این روش، افراد دارای سن بالا و دارای بیماری زمینه‌ای می‌باشند که استفاده از دیگر روش‌ها برای آنها با خطرات بیشتری همراه است. Mannequin lift In this method, the size of the incisions is slightly larger than the endoscopic method, and it is usually performed together with eyelid surgery. The length of these cuts is approximately 2.5 cm and they are created behind the hairline. Through these incisions, the surgeon lifts and moves the tissues of the outer part of the eyebrow. Then, through the incisions made for the upper eyelid surgery, the frown muscles in the eyebrow area are weakened and as a result, a person will achieve a more beautiful and fresh appearance. Non-surgical lift (Botox injection) Aging lines in the forehead and face appear in two forms:
  1. Dynamic Mode: In this mode, forehead lines are visible when the person moves their eyebrows.
  2. Static mode: In this mode, forehead lines are visible in all modes.
Non-surgical lift (Botox injection) is very suitable in dynamic mode as well as for young clients who do not need surgery.

Duration of surgery

On average, the duration of eyebrow lift surgery is 1-2 hours, and if simultaneous eyelid or cheek surgery is required, this period will be longer.


This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and brief drowsiness, but based on the conditions and the need to perform surgeries simultaneously with anesthesia.

Inpatient status

In most cases, the patient is discharged a few hours after the surgery and after tolerating the liquid diet.

side effects

Transient bruising and swelling, burning sensation at the surgical site are side effects of this surgery.
Damage to the frontal nerve and temporary movement disorder of the frontal muscle, asymmetry, hair loss at the site of the surgical incision are possible complications of this surgery.
You will return to work within a few days. Usually, the stitches will be removed one week after the operation. Avoid vigorous activities for 3 weeks. Your bruising and swelling will go away within 2 to 3 weeks. During the first few months after surgery, avoid direct contact with sunlight.
The results of this surgery usually last between 8 and 10 years.

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