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Introduction of liposuction

Sometimes, even with the most extreme diets and exercise, a person does not reach their ideal body. The best result of liposuction is achieved in people who have firm skin and weight close to the ideal weight and only have fat accumulation in some areas of the body. Liposuction is a process that removes fat accumulated in different areas of the body. Liposuction is not recommended for the treatment of obesity. If your body has accumulated fat in certain areas such as the abdomen, arms, hips, chest, thighs and neck, you can be a good candidate for liposuction.

Why liposuction?

Liposuction cannot be called a way to lose weight, and the best option to lose weight is definitely exercise and proper diet, but liposuction is suitable for you when you want to have a more suitable body shape and smooth skin by extracting the fat accumulated in certain places. Experience more and get better self-confidence. Certainly, some people, for various reasons, are not the answer to weight loss and fitness, and liposuction can be a suitable method for them. Liposuction can also be a suitable option for people who intend to reduce breast size or treat gynecomastia. When overweight fat cells increase in size and volume, liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in a specific area. The amount of fat removed depends on the appearance of the area and the volume of the fat. The resulting changes are generally permanent.

How is liposuction performed?

Liposuction can be performed in almost all areas of the body. During liposuction surgery, several small holes of about 1-2 mm are made in the treated area and special suction liquid is injected in the place of fat accumulation. Then, based on the diameter of the fat, the condition of the skin and the treated area, the fat in the area is broken into small pieces by special cannulas and removed. It is possible to perform liposuction simultaneously in several areas of the body. In relation to liposuction, you should be aware that the way of breaking fat is different in different techniques, but the emptying of broken fat is done in the same way in all of them. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and its duration varies based on the amount of fat, the treated area, and the technique used. In general, this procedure takes between 1 and 5 hours

Due to my years of research, work and experience and participation in many international congresses, and the advancement of sculpting technology, I use the Weiser Lipo and Pal method.

Types of liposuction techniques
  1.  (SAL: Suction Assisted Lipectomy)
  2.  (PAL: Power Assisted Lipectomy)
  3. (UAL: Ultrasound Assisted Lipectomy)


This operation, like other operations, may have side effects such as intraoperative bleeding, negative reactions to anesthesia, and the following are considered risks of liposuction.
  1. The changes and elasticity of your skin due to the asymmetric and uneven removal of fat as well as its abnormal repair and of course the possibility of subcutaneous damage caused by the insertion of a tube (cannula) used during liposuction.
  2. Accumulation of fluid under the skin that may need to be drained with a needle.
  3. Fragmented fat emboli that may break off and get stuck in a blood vessel and collect in the lungs or travel to the brain. Of course, this is an emergency.
  4. The risk of complications increases if the surgeon works on larger areas of your body or performs multiple procedures during the same procedure.
  5. Heart and kidney problems caused by fluid level changes during injection and suction can become a bad thing.
  6. Rare cases can also be skin infections that bring irreparable risks.
  7. Numbness and permanent loss of touch when there is a possibility of damage to a nerve area.
  8. General complications such as bruising, pain, loosening of the skin, swelling in the operation area

before liposuction

Liposuction is a very beautiful operation and your goal should be clear from this operation. Remember to make sure that your specialist and surgeon has a clear history and resume in this field and is aware of current knowledge. The liposuction surgeon will evaluate you in general and prescribe tests for you, as well as advice on certain blood thinners, etc., which can delay the procedure. Also, depending on the type and volume of your surgery, it will explain to you the possibility of surgery in the office or hospital. Also, you should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for 1 month before the operation, and your weight should be stable and stable.


After the operation, there is a possibility of pain, swelling, bruising and even bleeding for you, which can be solved with painkillers, antibiotics or visiting a doctor. It is possible that the incision site will be open, and the doctor may ask you to wear tight clothes at that time. The time to return to normal conditions and physical activity requires a doctor’s consultation and is not the same for different people. You should also consider avoiding heavy activities for 2 months. You will probably use a drain called a drain that is placed at the incision site to collect the oozing blood from the surgery on a temporary basis. You can take a bath the day after liposuction. Depending on the extent and number of areas under suction, you can return to work after a few days to a week. Avoid vigorous sports activities for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Wear a special brace for 3-4 weeks to help you heal faster and achieve the final result.
The result of this procedure is amazing and if the applicant has the correct method and style for his exercise and diet, it will be permanent. After liposuction of the desired area, you will no longer see fat accumulation and you can have a more beautiful and youthful body. Also, this practice can guarantee your health to a certain extent and increase your self-confidence.
Frequently Asked Questions
Find the conditions of an experienced liposuction doctor and specialist. The main condition of a skilled doctor and specialist surgeon is to have a history, a clear resume, specialized range and provide correct information to the patient. You can gain proper confidence in your surgeon’s knowledge by asking the above information Is liposuction the best way to lose weight? Weight loss and slimming methods have different methods that are determined by doctor’s advice and opinion. Of course, liposuction is not the best method, but it is the best option for removing fat from a specific area. How much does liposuction surgery cost? This operation fluctuates depending on the type of technique, the amount of fat in the body, the area of its consolidation, the surgeon’s salary, the hospital costs and the tests, but you can obtain this number to some extent before the operation and during the visit.

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