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Neck lift

Neck lift surgery partially removes the visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck. The loss of youthful lines on the face and neck can be related to various factors such as heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress. Some people feel they are not ready for a full facelift because the upper part of the face is still pleasing. However, many patients do not notice excessive wrinkling of the neck skin, double chin or “turkey neck”. When the neck area does not match the appearance of the upper face, a neck lift may be a good solution. As a cosmetic surgery, a neck lift does not change your basic appearance and cannot stop the ageing process. In young and middle-aged people, who are faced with obesity, or abnormal accumulation of fat in the neck area, but at the same time have the right skin consistency, I use my personal experience and use the advanced Viser Lipo technology. Without creating a surgical incision, I will shape the jawline and neck.

Surgical technique

Neck lift includes the following steps: Step 1 – Anaesthesia Medicines are prescribed for your comfort during the surgical procedure. These options include induction of drowsiness and general anaesthesia. Step 2 – Choosing a technique To perform neck lift surgery, two techniques are generally used: Open surgery technique: In this method, the side of the ear is cut, and the platysma muscle is stretched or repaired. Closed surgery technique: In this case, using the advanced Viscerlipo technique, excess fat in the navel and neck area is removed, and the neck area is shaped using ultrasound waves. Age, facial anatomy and neck appearance; It helps the specialist surgeon in choosing the treatment method.

Duration of surgery

Depending on the technique used, the duration of the operation may vary between 2 and 4 hours.


This process can be performed under the induction of superficial drowsiness and local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Inpatient status

Performing neck lift surgery or visor lipo does not require hospitalization.


Possible and very rare side effects of neck lift surgery include the following:
  • Bleeding and haematoma
  • Temporary or permanent hair loss along the incisions
  • Facial asymmetry
  • · Rare nerve damage that can cause weakness of the lower lip
  • infection
  • Unfavourable scar
  • Long-term inflation
  • Irregularity and change in skin color
In cases where the surgical method is used, the incision lines are usually well hidden within the hairline and in the natural lines of the ears. As you begin to evaluate the results of your neck lift, remember that it may take several weeks to months for the swelling to completely subside, and it may take up to six months for the incision lines to mature. Protecting from direct sunlight and adopting a healthy lifestyle will help to increase the attractiveness of a person with a neck lift. At the same time, as the swelling and bruises decrease, the results of neck lift will become visible over time.
Performing a neck lift not only leads to the improvement of a person’s appearance, but also increases self-confidence internally. Although good results are expected from this process, there are no guarantees. It may even be necessary to perform another complementary surgery in order to achieve the desired results.

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