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غلامحسین غرابی دکتر زیبایی

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The process or activity of increasing the amount of visible muscle in the body through exercise or removing fat using aesthetic surgery methods is called sculpting.


• Non-surgical

• Surgery

There are a variety of non-surgical fat reduction methods that reduce or eliminate unwanted fat in different areas of the body and, as a result, shape the aforementioned areas.

Cryolipolysis: Freezing temperatures are used to target and destroy fat cells.

Laser lipolysis: A controlled heating system and laser energy are used to target fat cells.

Radiofrequency lipolysis: In this style, it uses controlled heating and ultrasound technology To aim and destroy fat cells.

Injection lipolysis: deoxycholic acid injection technology is used to affect fat cells.

These methods are suitable for people who have a weight close to the ideal weight and whose body mass index is lower than 30.

Body contouring surgery procedures are usually for patients who:

• Experienced a lot of weight loss and are looking to tighten or remove their excess and sagging skin

• For women who have undergone many changes due to pregnancy or breastfeeding and are inclined to restore and improve their pre-pregnancy attractiveness.

• Targeting specific areas of the body for desired shaping


The first application of suction to remove fat from the body was performed by French surgeon Charles Dujarier in the 1920s. Dr. Charles Dujarier was the inventor of a technique that uses intrauterine cort to remove fat deposits under the skin. Unfortunately, when he tried to use this method to change the shape of a famous lady’s legs, he developed gangrene and this heartbreaking incident slowed down the development of body contouring techniques for many years.

The development of modern liposuction is owed to Italian father and son gynecologists Arpa and Giorgio Fischer. Their efforts in 1974 led to the invention of a smooth, hollow instrument called a cannula, which passed through major veins and suctioned fat. In fact, Giorgio Fisher was the inventor of the first modern liposuction method, and he used a curt connected to a suction device for the first time to remove fat.

In1978, French doctors, Yves Gerard Illouz and Pierre Fournier became interested in following up and improving Fischer’s pioneering work and gradually brought innovations in liposuction equipment to the fore. Realizing the potential impact of this new method, it spread throughout France. Over time, Iloz invented the wet method, in which, before performing suction, a salt solution was injected into the fat, which resulted in a reduction of bleeding and facilitating the suction operation. Shortly after, Fournier invented the use of the anesthetic lidocaine. With this innovation, the ground was paved for the use of the current thiomicinent liquid.

In 1985, the method of simultaneous injection of lidocaine and epinephrine (blood vessel constrictor) into the target fat tissue was carried out. This method allowed liposuction to be performed under local anesthesia and using a much smaller cannula, and bleeding and skin irregularities at the liposuction site were minimized.

In 1992, Professor Michele Zocchi introduced the method of using ultrasonic waves (UAL).

VASERLIPO modern technology

In the early years of the 21st century, the third generation of UAL technology was introduced, and this method was named VASERLIPO, and it is currently the most advanced body sculpting and shaping method in the world.

In the VASER system, titanium probes are used, which, while having a much smaller diameter than the previous generation, also have side grooves designed in them. The VASER system uses about 1/4 of the energy of UAL’s second generation cannulas to fragment fat. The lateral groove at the end of the probe disperses the ultrasound energy and minimizes the risk of burns. Ultrasound energy is used in the form of pulses and allows the fragmentation of fat tissue without additional heat. The above advantages allow the surgeon to increase the use of ultrasound waves if needed.

VASERLIPO device has different  1, 2 and 3 groove probes in different sizes, which leads to targeted control of ultrasound waves based on tissue type.

Advantages of sculpting with VASERLIPO

• The possibility of removing a very small amount of fat to remove a large amount of fat at a high speed to improve the appearance of the body

• The possibility of sculpting in areas with scar tissue and fibrosis

• The fat removed by Viserlipo has the best quality for fat grafting to other areas of the body

• Sculpting in the real sense

• Fat transfer to improve appearance

• Postpartum sculpting treatments

• Possibility of skillful sculpting for men

• More peace of mind for the surgeon and the patient

• Minimal tissue damage and faster healing

• Ultrasonic energy is designed to protect connective tissue and cause minimal damage to fat cells when it is drained.

• Reducing bleeding and increasing the skin tightening effect compared to other methods, which have been clinically proven

• A large number of types of probes and cannulas to treat different parts of the body

• Can be used in surgery centers and as an outpatient procedure

VASERLIPO system is a unique technology that provides the maximum possibility of fat removal without damaging the patient’s tissue. By selectively breaking fat cells before emptying, the viscerlipo system allows the surgeon to have maximum control during the operation and significantly reduces the duration of the operation and the fatigue of the surgeon.

Some other benefits of VASERLIPO

• Visible results in one session

• Impact, pain and ecchymosis are minimized

VASERLIPO removes large fat deposits easily

• Removes fat with complete delicacy and gives beauty to your skin

• Can be performed even on sensitive areas such as the neck and arms

• Better representation of the muscles of the limbs

• Removal of small and large areas of fat selectively without damaging the adjacent tissue

• This method guarantees fast recovery and proven safety

VASERLIPO system is the best compared to other existing technologies due to its ability to provide specialized sculpting and of course it has the best results for the patient.

Which areas can be treated with VASERLIPO?

• Abdomen

• the face

• Neck

• Chin

• Arms

• Sides

• Seat

• Chest (women and men)

• Ankle

• Knee

• thigh

• Calf

Considering that the incisions are very small, the recovery period is short and depending on the area treated, you can resume your daily routine almost immediately after 2-3 days. I recommend avoiding any strenuous physical activity for at least two weeks.

To ensure optimal results, it is recommended that manual lymphatic drainage massage be performed regularly for two weeks after surgery.

Dr. Gholamhossein Ghorabi is one of the pioneers in using the ultra-advanced VASERLIPO system, a trusted and reliable consultant for respected applicants for body contouring procedures. To ask your questions, please refer to our site. Your answer will be given via email as soon as possible.