The cost of rhinoplasty

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جراحی زیبایی بینی و هزینه آن

The motivation of people to perform nose surgery is different. For a group, the desire to improve the beauty quality of a part of the face is that in many cases the desired combination does not match the aesthetic standards. For another group, nose surgery has a therapeutic aspect and will ultimately lead to the resolution of health problems (such as respiratory system problems).

Regardless of the motivation of people to perform rhinoplasty, careful planning and rationalization of the level of expectations with the facts is inevitable.

The cost of rhinoplasty varies based on the experience, skill and reputation of the cosmetic surgeon. As a rule, skilled and experienced surgeons who have a strong resume demand a higher fee. New surgeons usually charge lower fees for cosmetic surgery to attract customers, especially at the beginning of their career.

It is necessary for applicants and respected patients to consider the quality of work and experience of the surgeon as the main and central issue. The fee paid will be forgotten, but the surgery of poor quality cannot be forgotten and will have unpredictable unpleasant consequences. It is reasonable to benefit from the masterpiece of an expert cosmetic surgeon by paying a relatively higher fee.

The cost of rhinoplasty

The cost you pay for rhinoplasty surgery includes the following:

a. The cost of surgery paid to the attending physician.

b. Cost of anesthesia

J. The cost of surgical services

d. The cost of post-operative and recovery services

The numerical value of these items depends on the extent and complexity of your nose surgery and will be determined after examination and prediction of needs.

Considering the key role of the nose in the beauty of the face, try to be careful when choosing a surgeon. The amount of experience and expertise of the surgeon, the quality level of the hospital or clinic, and the geographical location are influential in increasing or decreasing the cost of nose surgery.

Effective factors in determining the total cost of nose job

• Skill, knowledge and experience of the surgeon

• Type of anesthesia

• The type of method and the complexity of the steps

The type of technique used is completely dependent on the patient’s goals, and the greater the desired changes, the higher the cost will be. It is worth remembering that drastic changes are not desirable and even impossible. The combination of nasal septum correction with rhinoplasty surgery will increase the cost

• Duration of surgery

• Geographical location

• Second surgery

In approximately 15% of cases, due to nasal swelling, the surgeon may not have a correct impression of the final shape of your nose. After the swelling of the nose has subsided, a second or revision surgery may be needed to achieve the look you want.

If you make the surgeon aware of your real expectations and use the personal experiences of other people to improve your level of knowledge, the probability of needing a second surgery will decrease.

Other costs of nose surgery

  • Preoperative visit and surgical consultation
  • Required tests
  • Age of the patient
  • The patient’s medical condition
  • Follow-ups and future references

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