Face lift (Rhytidectomy)

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غلامحسین غرابی دکتر زیبایی

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Rhytidectomy is derived from the Greek words rhytis (wrinkle) and ektome (removal).

Very few people are able to change the face of history. One of these people, Erich Lexer, is a German surgeon who succeeded in performing face lift surgery in the real sense in 1916. It goes without saying that in some sources, the first face lift operation is attributed to Eugen Hollander, a Polish surgeon living in Berlin, which does not seem correct by comparing his work technique with Dr. Erich Lexer.

At the insistence of a Berlin nobleman, Dr. Hollander cut the skin in front of his ear and then closed the created hole, and in fact the lift was not done. While Dr. Lexer acted in the following way:

• Lifting the skin from the fat layer below it

• Pulling back the skin

• Skin repositioning

• Cut and remove excess skin

In the course of time and after about 104 years since the first face lift operation, extremely modern and comfortable methods are used to perform this operation.

If you feel that your face is not able to show your inner youth and vitality, face and neck rejuvenation is considered a popular and appropriate choice for you. Restoring the youth of the face and eliminating wrinkles, restoring the consistency of the skin and removing sagging in the face and neck areas, and creating self-confidence and inner peace subsequently, erases the passage of time from your face.

With age, skin elasticity decreases and facial tissues decrease in volume. This process eventually leads to the loosening of the skin and the creation of deep wrinkles in the neck area. Although these symptoms are inevitable complications of aging, there are people who do not notice the existence of these symptoms. In this case, asking for face lift surgery can be a good option.

With the use of advanced technologies in cosmetic surgery, it has provided many options for facial contour and combating signs of aging, to elite plastic and beauty surgeons.

Full eyebrow lift (forehead lift)

• Eyebrow mannequin lift

• Lift the middle area of the face

• Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

• Lip lift

• Lift the corners of the mouth

• Neck lift

• Facial rejuvenation

Keep in mind that aging is a physiological process of the body due to the passage of time. The speed of this process is accelerated or slowed down, affected by internal and external parameters, but its process cannot be stopped, let alone claim to reverse it. As a plastic surgeon, I can help you reduce the effects of time on your face.

In most cases, due to the unusualness of expectations from face lift surgery, it is necessary to point out the results that are not achieved after this surgery, instead of enumerating the benefits of doing this surgery.

Face lift surgery and anatomy are two inseparable parts and great surgeons are great anatomists. The layers of the face in the order of deployment are:

1. Skin

2. Subcutaneous

3. Musculoaponeurotic

4. Areolar

5. Deep fascia and periosteum

Although having sufficient knowledge about each of the above-mentioned layers is necessary to perform a facelift surgery safely, having the necessary and sufficient knowledge and attention to the SMAS layer guarantees success.

Like other surgeries, it is necessary to perform the correct surgical method in the target area that is correctly selected, in the best way. Considering that usually several beauty procedures are performed at the same time, it is necessary to follow medical instructions and warnings.

Applicants with mild signs of sagging skin are worthy candidates for a mini face lift. This technique allows the plastic surgeon to correct deep facial tissues through short incisions along the hairline above the ears or in the folds around the applicant’s ears. As a result, it will make the tired look young and subsequently improve the mental state and return the self-confidence of the person.

A full face lift is more extensive than a mini lift and requires more recovery time. A cosmetic surgeon can reposition deep tissues under the skin and remove excess skin and restore youth to the face and neck.

Dr. Gholamhossein Ghorabi, a subspecialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, can be a reliable and safe consultant for you by using the most up-to-date knowledge and inventing innovative surgical methods.