Skin massage

Skin massage improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which in turn improves both the skin and the elasticity of the facial muscles. Also, in people with oily skin, massage removes fat from the pores of the patient’s skin. In addition, facial massage relaxes the muscles of the face and around the eyes and reduces headaches and stress in the patient.

Operation technique

The skin should be thoroughly cleansed before massaging. Special oils are used for massage. Massage should not be used if the patient’s skin has fresh wounds, cuts, bruises, severe acne, or any type of infection or severe eczema.

Duration of action

The time required to perform a complete facial massage is one hour.


Massage has no anesthesia.

Inpatient / outpatient status

The patient can return to their daily routine immediately after the massage.

Possible side effects

Massage not only does not have a negative side effect, but in addition to beautifying the skin, it relaxes the facial muscles and reduces the patient’s stress.


There is nothing wrong with using massage techniques.


Immediately after the massage, the patient will feel the effects.


By massaging, the patient improves the consistency and tone of the facial muscles.

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