However, we have always heard from childhood that one should not judge by appearance; But it is undeniable that we differentiate people based on physical differences and see them as beautiful or ugly. One of the concerns of human beings from ancient times to the present day has been the beauty of the face.
The human brain, by seeing a symmetrical and proportionate face, recognizes it as natural, and this naturalness is beautifully interpreted. The relationship between symmetry, fit and beauty is a mental and psychological issue.
However, we often hear the words “appearance is not important” and “inside is important”, and of course it is true in many cases. But these expressions cannot make us not care about our appearance.
If you love your appearance, you will gain confidence regardless of the opinions of others. I help you “fall in love with yourself”.
According to global statistics, in 2018, out of a total of 10,607,226 cosmetic surgeries performed, about 3,574,408 (34%) were related to the head and face.